NameContact Number EmailTerm Expires
PresidentMike Norton630-742-3925mnorton@alden-hebron.orgApril 2019
Vice PresidentKen Winkelman815-648-2070kwinkelman@alden-hebron.orgApril 2019
SecretaryShannon Combs815-403-8951scombs@alden-hebron.orgApril 2021
Andy Madsen815-482-4948amadsen@alden-hebron.orgApril 2021
Johnny Eskridge815-648-2624jeskridge@alden-hebron.orgApril 2019
Joel Stauss815-482-2580jstauss@alden-hebron.orgApril 2019
Penny Coulman815-482-5300pcoulman@alden-hebron.orgApril 2019
Dr. Debbie Ehlenburg815-648-2442  Ext

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Board of Education Meeting Dates

For a list of the 2017 Board of Education Meeting Dates, please click the link below.

2017 Board Meeting Dates

Board Meeting Rules

Board Meeting Rules

Development and Training Completed by Board Members

School Board Training


District and School Report Cards

The Illinois State Board of Education School Reports

2017 Illinois State Report Card

2017 District 19 Report Card

2017 District At-A-Glance

2017 Elementary School Report Card

2017 Elementary School At-A-Glance

2017 Middle School Report Card

2017 Middle School At-A-Glance

2017 High School Report Card

2017 High School At-A-Glance


Miscellaneous District Reports

Hebron Elementary School Water Testing August 2017

Hebron High School-Middle School Water Testing August 2017


Preventing Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment