The Community Advisory Council, also known as the CAC, is an advisory committee of the Board of Education.  The CAC consists of not more than twelve (12) members.  The members of the CAC will be recommended to the Board of Education.  Each member serves a three year term.

Current Members:

  • Colleen Scroggins
  • Kristen Snell
  • Rachael Rosio, student member
  • Brenda Villalobos
  • John Hanfland
  • Jacqueline Walters, student member
  • Ken Pedraza
  • Debra Reiter
  • Michelle Miller
  • Charlie Vaughn
  • Allen Rosio
  • Tally Lalor, student member


Community Classes

If you are interested in sharing your skills, knowledge or talents, please consider teaching a community class.   Instructor sheets are due ASAP so that classes can be formed.  Please click here for an Instructor Form.

If you have any questions, you may contact Debbie Ehlenburg at 815-648-2442 Ext. 1525 or email her at