To better serve the community, Alden-Hebron School District #19 offers Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) forms and documents online as a public courtesy.The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a state statute that provides the public the right to access government documents and records. The premise behind FOIA is that the public has a right to know what the government is doing. The law provides that a person can ask a public body for a copy of its records on a specific subject and the public body must provide those records, unless there is an exemption in the statute that protects those records from disclosure. District 19 is obligated to respond within 5 business days after the request is received. Day 1 of the 5 day timeline is the first business day after the request is received by the public body. There are several exceptions to public disclosure that included but are not limited to: private information, personal information, law enforcement records, preliminary drafts, business trade secrets, proposals and bids until a final selection is made and requests that are duly burdensome. The requestor will be notified in writing by specifying the reasons for the denial. The requestor has the right to appeal the public body’s response by filing a request for review with the Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor within 60 calendar days.

How to File a FOIA Request
Click on the link below to download a FOIA request form.FOIA Request Form

Please provide the following information:

  • Requester’s Name
  • Name of Organization
  • How requested documents should be delivered
  • Address to where the file should be sent
  • Telephone number
  • Specific information regarding the documents you are seeking
  • Complete and signed request form
  • You can file your FOIA request in one of the following ways:

Mail or deliver to: Alden-Hebron School District #19, 11915 Price Road, Hebron, IL 60034

Fax to FOIA Officer at 815-648-2339

Scan or email to

If you have any questions please contact Alden-Hebron District #19 FOIA Officer, Deanna VanderPal at 815-648-2442 Ext. 1526.