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Nineteen News Issues : 2017-2018



What is the Nineteen News?

Alden-Hebron School District #19 publishes a monthly newsletter for residents in the school district’s boundaries.  The newsletter contains information about the school district and its schools. It is published on the first of the month. Occasionally two months are combined into one issue.  Each issue of the Nineteen News includes “Board Briefs,” a summary of actions taken by the board at monthly meetings. We also include a calendar with athletic events and school/district activities. The guidance counselor also includes a page of important information for students regarding scholarships, college admissions and testing information.

Occasionally, we include articles about community events and other information. If your community organization would like to include information in upcoming issues of the Nineteen News, contact Monica Redden:

How Can I Receive the Nineteen News?

You can view the Nineteen News on the district website at then by locating the Nineteen News link or via links on our Facebook and Twitter.  You may also receive a hard copy of the newsletter in the mail or an electronic copy via email. If you are not currently receiving the newsletter and would like to, send an email request to  We are also putting hard copies of the newsletter at local businesses and agencies. To receive an electronic copy via email, fill out the form below.

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