Ez Pay is UP !!!

Yay!! It seems as though EZ Pay is finally able to accept payments for registration, lunch and other options. See below for instructions. Sorry for the delay and if you have any problems, feel free to email Michele Alfonso at malfonso@ah19.org. Thank you all for your patience!

For registration and payments other than lunch, follow the EZ Pay link from the main page.

Log-In. Click EZ School Payment on the left hand side of the screen. Choose items you wish to pay for. (Items such as class dues, PE uniforms, locks, sports fees, Driver’s Ed, etc. are located under “optional payments”) Click pay total owed and follow instructions for setting up credit card and finalizing payments.

If your student is not listed or you do not have an account set up, click the “sign-up” link and then parent sign-up. Our zip code is 60034. Choose the school you want and fill out the form. Click “send request” and we will get you signed up as soon as possible.