Procedures for Managing Life-Threatening Food Allergies in School

Easy to Read Child Health Requirement Chart by Grade

Illinois Dept. of Public Health 2016-17 Immunization Requirements

             Health Examination and Immunization Requirements for School Attendance

Immunization Guide 0-6 yrs

                                          Immunization Guide 7-18yrs


Illinois School Physical

Illinois School Physical (Español)

Illinois Dental Exam Form (English/Español)

Illinois Dental Waiver Form (English/Español)

Illinois Eye Examination

Estado de Illinois Informe del Examen de los Ojos

Illinois Eye Exam Waiver (English/Español)

Immunization Waiver Form (English/Español)



Medical Summary Form/Resumen Médico

Physician Request For Self-Administration of Medication

Asthma Emergency Response Protocol

Food Allergy Emergency Response Protocol

Asthma Action Plan

Authorization and Permission for Administration of Medication

Autorización y Permiso para la Administración de Medicamentos