Tuesday 04-07-2020

Accounting--extra days for Packet

Accounting2--Adventure Gear

Concepts--Study Guide 13

Keyboarding--p. 344, 7-8

Seniors--Note quiz 10

Monday 04-06-2020

Accounting 1---finish up packet---Test will be sent Tuesday

Accounting 2--packet(8 forms)

Concepts--Manufacturing project due---send it to me.

Keyboarding--p. 342-43, Activity 3 and 5

Senior Studies--credit project and note quiz 9 due

Monday 3-16-2020

Accounting I—continue work on your packet—you should be finished with payroll by now.

Accounting II—17-1, 17-2

Business Concepts—read and outline Chapter 13–notes can be used on the quiz.

Keyboarding—Read p. 273 complete 90b1, 90c1

Senior Studies—continue work on stock project. Record daily prices and work on stock papers.

Tuesday 3-17-2020 through Friday 3-20-2020

Accounting I---Continue work on the Packet---it will be due after Spring Break.

Accounting 2--Finish up Chapter 17 by Thursday and look at starting your Reinforcement which will be due after Spring Break.


TUESDAY: P. 337 11-26

WEDNESDAY: p. 320 1-4, 323 1-2

THURSDAY: p. 326 1-4,6 p. 334 1-3 and Study Guide

FRIDAY: Pick Manufacturing business that you want to do your project on. You will start your research the week after Spring Break.

Monday 3-30-2020

Accounting 1--continue work on the packet

Accounting 2---finish up the Reinforcement

Concepts---Start manufacturing project

Keyboarding--101b, 101c

Senior Studies---finish stock project and start credit project

Tuesday 3-31-2020

Accounting 1--Continue Authentic Threads--worksheet

Accounting 2--finish up Reinforcement

Concepts--Maunufacturing Project


Senior Studies--Stock Project due

Wednesday 4-01-2020

Accounting 1--Authentic Threads--financial documents

Accounting 2--reinforcement due

Concepts--Maunufacturing Project


Senior Studies--work on credit project and review notes that I sent

Thursday 4-02-2020

Accounting 1--Authentic Threads--financial documents

Accounting 2--Open up and get started on the new packet

Concepts--Maunfacturing Project

Keyboarding--catch up and timings on Typing.com

Senior Studies--credit project

Friday 4-03-2020

Accounting 1--Authentic Threads--closing entries

Accounting 2--packet(try to do 8 forms)

Concepts--finish up PowerPoint

Keyboarding--p. 342, Activity 1-2

Senior Studies--credit project

Update: Daily new assignments will be posted on the top of page.