Wednesday, April 8

Journal Writing

Please use journal paper:

Ask your child to write about what Easter means to him/her? Remind him/her that the topic must be used in the sentence so the reader knows what they are talking about. Again, challenge writers will use 20 words in their sentence. I do not have lines on the back of the journal paper so if your child needs more space use one of the sheets of lined paper. 


1) Practice counting to 30 by twos (If you have 30 objects that your child can use as he/she counts that would be great).

2) Review the contents of your math folder

3) I-Ready Math - 12 minutes

4) Complete the worksheet titled: Egg Hunt (Addition facts to 5)

5) In the math book, please complete pages 542, 543, 544 (Adding one more). Directions are on the bottom of each page

6) Please ask your child to decompose the following numbers:

17 (one group of ten and 7 ones)

12 (one group of ten and 2 ones)

19 (one group of ten and 9 ones)

26 (two groups of ten and 6 ones)

28 (two groups of ten and 8 ones)

20 (two groups of ten and 0 ones)

7) Ask your child what is the largest number that you can put in the ones, tens or hundreds column - answer is 9.

8) Ask your child when is his/her birthday and how old are they?


It's Hump Day, actually past that since Friday is Good Friday and there is not any E-Learning!

1) I-ready reading - 12 minutes (When your child has completed a lesson, it will give them a score. It's okay if it takes longer than 12 minutes to complete a lesson. The goal is to work on I-ready for 12 minutes regardless of how many lessons are or are not completed).

2) Read the bulletin board words - try to beat your time from yesterday!

3) Using the story you read on Monday/Tuesday, write down all the CVC words you can find in the story. You can write them on any lined piece of paper. You do not have to tell me the name of the

story you are using (since everyone's book is different). I'm just looking for CVC words.

4) Ask your child what sound a CVC word makes? short vowel sound is the answer (CVC = consonant, vowel, consonant)

5) Ask your child what sound a CVCe word makes? long vowel, silent 'e' (CVCe = consonant, vowel, consonant, silent e)

6) Complete the worksheet titled: "Spring Time Rhymes" under the reading section. Please color each pair of rhyming umbrellas the same color. Use a different color for each pair. If you do not have

crayons please use, paints, markers or colored pencils. Anything you have at home.

7) Complete the worksheet "I can Spell" The first picture is a box, dog, cod, rod, top, cot, hot, log, hog, fox, mop, pot, hop, dot, jog, cop (Some of the pictures are difficult to determine what they are).

Tuesday, April 7


** I usually set aside 30 minutes a day for journal writing; you don't have to do that, I just wanted to let you know the amount of time we spend in the classroom doing journal writing.

**Please use the journal paper for this writing.

Write about what you like to do when it is raining outside. Be sure to include the topic when you write your sentence. Challenge writers will use 20 words in their sentence. For those that are able, when you have a complete thought, put the appropriate punctuation mark down and begin a new sentence with a capital letter. (Not all students are ready for this task and that's okay). Draw an illustration to match your written words; if you are five years old you must use at least 5 words in your sentence and 5 colors in your illustration. If you are six, you must use 6 words and colors. Of course you can always use more, never less!


1) Practice counting to 100 by fives

2) Review the contents of your math folder (Parents/teachers, you can add items to the math folders if you would like). For example, you can make the next set of addition flash cards or if your child

is working on number recognition you can add more numbers to their existing ones.

3) I-Ready Math - 12 minutes (Complete as much as you can in a twelve minute period. The number of lessons doesn't matter, just 12 minutes).

4) In your math book, complete pages 538, 539, and 540.

5) Page 541 (adding one more)

For this lesson you will need 19 counters (cereal, candy, tiny toys, pennies, etc.) and the blue square numbers 11 to 19. Using these two items, complete page 541 from your math book. Pick one

number card at a time, have your child show you 1 more than the number chosen and place that many counters on the ten-frame. For example; if the number 15 was picked, your child would need

to place 10 items on your first ten-frame and 6 items would be placed on the second ten-frame (because 16 is one more than 15). Ask your child to state the number as 16 equals one group of 10

and 6 ones (do not write it on the math paper). The important part of the lesson is to add one more to the number chosen and then be able to properly decompose the number to you. Repeat this

activity for about 5 minutes.

6) Please ask your child to tell you one more and one less than the numbers given:

** 18

** 15

** 58

** 49

** 40

** 90

** 59


**I won't give all these details every day! I'll only repeat them for a few days. I explain the answers or give examples just in case the person that is teaching your child doesn't know what I am talking about. I do not do it to make anyone feel ignorant. So forgive me if this irritates you, I really only do it to help those that may need it.

**I also repeat a lot of mini lessons (such as vowel sounds) because that's how I run my classroom, we talk about most of this stuff everyday!

** At times I'll call you mom/dad/teacher (since some of you need to use people other than yourselves to work with your child) and at times I'll say child or student. Just mixing it up.

** Thank you for taking my place, I'd give anything to be back in the classroom with the children! I can honestly say, I miss each and every one of them! I pray everyday this coronavirus gets under

control and we're back in school by May 1.

**Some of the things I ask you to do cannot be written down or turned in. I'm just hoping you'll take the time to do them. Thank you!

1) I-ready reading - 12 minutes (If you are having Internet trouble please don't feel pressured, skip this part of the lesson) Have your child read a book instead.

2) Read the bulletin board words - add the May words to your rings. If possible, have mom/dad/teacher time you on your words. Write down the time you received today and see if you can beat the

time tomorrow. If you learn to read the words really fast, it'll prove that you truly know the word and will be able to read it anywhere. Make it fun! (Mom, dad, teachers, you probably have a timer

where your alarm clock is on your phone).

3) Re-read the book you read yesterday. Teacher, today please ask your child who wrote the story (author) and who drew the pictures (illustrator).Also, ask your student to name the characters

(people or animals) in the story, ask what the setting is (where and when the story takes place) and the plot. The plot is the main idea of the story, what happened first, then, next and last.

If your student is having trouble with a word they can:

* Try and sound the word out

* Chunk the word

* Use the pictures as clues to what the word can be

* Skip the word and read the rest of the sentence, go back, see what makes sense that has the same beginning sound as the word he/she could not read.

* If all else fails, ask mom, dad or a sibling.

4) Ask your child what this mark is (.) It is a period. We call a period a "statement." Please ask your child to tell you two sentences that would be good statement sentences.

5) Ask your child what this mark is (?) It is a question mark. We call this an "asking" sentence. Please ask your child to state two asking sentences. I like to remind them that "asking" sentences

need an answer.

6) Ask your child what this mark is (!) It is an exclamation point. We call this a sentence that shows "excitement." Please ask your child to state two sentences that show excitement.

7) Please ask your child to name the beginning, middle and ending sound in each of the following words:

** hot

** mat

** red

** big

** hip

** hug

** bed

** cot

** six

** race

Monday April 6th, 2020