Tuesday 04-07-2020


  • Study Sync: SEE ASSIGNMENT ON CLASSROOM: MORAL COMPASS WRITING-today: outline (rough draft), turn in by 9:00 PM
  • New Unit: Of Mice and Men-novel unit beginning today! first read-aloud is on Meet at 9:15!!!
  • I-Ready: new week begins: 45 min. and one lessons

Soc. Stud.:

Focus Slip on Classroom: WWI causes/effects

  1. Writing prompt: WWI and League of Nations debate at 1:00
  2. New for today: Fishbowl debate notes
  3. Sign up for decade group (1920's/1930's) on classroom

Monday 04-06-2020


  • Study Sync: SEE ASSIGNMENT ON CLASSROOM: MORAL COMPASS WRITING-today: review unit theme and brainstorm topics (see slideshow)
  • New Unit: Of Mice and Men-novel unit beginning today! Open Guided reading packet and do prereading prompt, vocabulary and webquest
  • I-Ready: new week begins: 45 min. and one lessons

Soc. Stud.:

  1. Focus Slip on Classroom: WWI causes/effects
  2. Writing prompt: WWI and League of Nations: we will debate tomorrow!

Monday 3-16-2020


StudySync "Mother to Son" annotation and Think Questions

Junior Scholastic: Cartoon Focus slip (classroom), read "Dying Off" article, do Flipgrid exit slip


Ch 22 "Quiz" on Classroom, Padlet response (see agenda)

Tuesday 3-17-2020

8th Grade ELA and Soc. Stud.: PLEASE check Classroom for agenda, updated expectations and detailed instructions!  Email Mrs. Kolnik with questions OR go to Google Meet: 9:00 kolnikela 12:00 kolnikss

ELA: StudySync: Mother to Son: Tone and Close Read

Junior Scholastic: Know the News quiz (on Classroom)

Flipgrid" respond to 3 classmates from yesterday's topic

S.S.: Read to be informed: Newsela or New York TImes (links on Classroom)-add to Padlet discussion

Wednesday 3-18-2020

8th grade

Soc.Stud.: You have 2 assignments listed on Classroom. Choose 1 to complete today, 1 for tomorrow: WWI essential questions; NY Times article Close Read

ELA: Study Sync " Ode to Thanks"

Read and do Think ? (No annotations)

Junior Scholastic:

Read “These Girls Broke Barriers” Complete “Know the News” qz on Classroom

Thursday 3-19-2020

Soc. Stud: Complete the assignment you chose not to do yesterday:  WWI essential questions; NY Times article Close Read

ELA: Skill: Poetic Structure, Close Read

Junior Scholastic: Read "Should Teens be Paid Less" and prepare for debate on Fri!

Friday 3-20-2020

ELA: StudySync Blast: A Moral Compass-be sure to write one paragraph (240 characters)

Junior Scholastic" Teen Jobs: debate at 9:00 on Meet OR on Flipgrid by 9:00 pm

Junior Scholastic: Quiz Wizard assign. on Classroom

Soc.Stud: Newsela Article Summary OR Slideshow: see instructions on Classroom!

Monday 3-30-2020


  1. Newsela: Pick one of the assigned articles/ complete Flipgrid response paragraph (see instructions on classroom)
  2. I-ready: Complete any assigned growth check/diagnostic assess. Begin working on weekly goal of 45 min. and lesson passed.

Soc. Stud:

A. WWI Essential ? assignment on Classroom (see March 18-19 assign. if not yet completed)

B. WWI reading: Choose a material from MyON (on school website, Clever) to read. Complete a response on Padlet-see link and list of materials on Classroom.

Tuesday 3-31-2020

ELA: StudySync: Blast response

Junior Scholastic: 3 items:

a.Cartoon assign. on classroom,

b.Know the News for article "Still Separate"-see March 23 issue online

c. Extra Credit: Flipgrid response-see instructions on Classroom

Soc. Stud.:

a. focus/exit slip: WWI quotes

b. WWI essential questions-originally assigned on March 18-last day to complete

c. NEW: MyON reading and summary on Padlet-SEE CLASSROOM FOR DIRECTIONS!

d. PREPARE for SOLE discussion tomorrow: find a group of 3-5 to work with!

Wednesday 4-01-2020

ELA: Join me on Meet (kolnikela) at 9:00 w/ any questions or to discuss today's readings!

Study Sync: First read: "Mandatory Volunteer Work for Teenagers"-includes vocabulary and Think ?

Junior Scholastic: Know the News: "Why Everyone's Talking About the Census"-google form on classroom

Extra Credit: Junior Scholastic Bar Graph assignment on classroom

I-Ready: Work on minutes and lesson for the week

Soc. Stud.: Focus Activity: on classroom: Listen to "Over There" and do focus questions

Today is a SOLE activity: Join your classmates on Meet (kolnikss) at 12:00

See directions and slideshow on classroom-assignment includes a reflection sheet to do tomorrow!

Thursday 4-02-2020


  • Study Sync: "Mandatory Volunteer Work" cont: 3 skill assignments: Author's Purpose, Compare and Contrast, and Reasons and Evidence
  • Junior Scholastic: News Alert Page, read "Should Teens have to Take Gym Every Day?"-do fishbowl notes part one (debate Friday at 9:30)
  • I-ready: 45 min and lesson due by Sunday


  • Focus Slip: Primary Sources
  • SOLE at 12:15-doe reflection sheet
  • New activity: WWI Propaganda Posters-Slideshow template is part of "Propaganda and Analysis of 14 Points" assignment for tomorrow!

Friday 4-03-2020


  • Debate on Flipgrid: Junior Scholastic article about gym every day
  • I-ready: reminder: 45 min. and lesson passed is this week's goal: due Sunday

Soc. Stud:

Interim: WWI propaganda ans analysis of Wilson's 14 points

Both Classes:

  • See Google Classroom for agenda and assignments!
  • Any work assigned this week must be finished before noon on Sunday-we will start fresh on Monday!

Update: Daily new assignments will be posted on the top of page.