Directions: Please see the Specials Activity Card. On the card are options for your Specials classes (except for Gym, you will find a daily activity listed in your Google Classroom under Specials). There are five different colored boxes, Yellow: Computers, Orange: SEL, Green: STEM, Purple: Music and Blue: Art. You need to complete one box of each color throughout the week. In addition to completing these activities we are encouraging you to post/share your learning with all your Specials Teachers by way of Google Classroom, Class Dojo or email the teacher directly. Mrs. Geils: cgeils@ah19.org Ms. Lagerhausen: hlagerhausen@ah19.org Mrs. Elbrecht: eelbrecht@ah19.org Ms. Carlson: kcarlson@ah19.org Mrs. Schafer: mschafer@ah19.org . This can be a photo, a short reflection or even a video, be creative and have fun!!

Specials Activity Card K-2

Specials Activity Card 3-5