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Michele Alfonso
815-648-2442 Ext.1531
Katie Beck
Student Services Coordinator/Early Childhood Supervisor
815-648-2442 Ext.1534
Diane Behrens
Food Service Coordinator
815-648-2442 Ext.1230
Jacob Behrens
HS Math / MS Algebra
815-648-2442 Ext.1303
Kelsey Carlson
MS/HS Band and Choir
815-648-2442 Ext.1412
Michelle Cashmore
District Instructional Coach
815-648-2442 Ext.1501
Nanci Cazares
HS/MS Office Manager
815-648-2442 Ext.1221
Amanda Coddington
Preschool Teacher
815-648-2442 Ext.1514
Lorebeth Conforti
Preschool Teacher
Tracie Connor
MS/HS Interventionist
Middle School
815-648-2442 Ext.1409
Sarah Crook
6th Grade Teacher
815-648-2442 Ext.1402
Julie Cunningham
815-648-2442 Ext.1188
Ashley Donnelly
HS English
815-648-2442 Ext.1311
Teresa Eick-George
Business Teacher/Vocational Director
815-648-2442 Ext.1306
Liz Elbrecht
3rd Grade Teacher
815-648-2442 Ext.1538
Tiffany Elswick
District Office
815-648-2442 Ext. 1521
Cyndie Erckfritz
Transportation Director
815-648-2442 Ext.1523
Grace Eskridge
Paraprofessional/After School Care
815-648-2442 Ext.1181
Karen Fallon
Kindergarten Teacher
815-648-2442 Ext.1517
Michelle Fay
8th Grade ELA and Social Studies
815-648-2442 Ext. 1407