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Michelle Fay
8th Grade ELA and Social Studies
Middle School
815-648-2442 Ext. 1407
Kathy Finley
Lauren Fontana
Parent Educator
815-648-2442 Ext. 1537
Elizabeth Foster
5th Grade Teacher
815-648-2442 Ext.1506
Colleen Geils
Media Specialist
815-648-2442 Ext.1530
Tim George
HS Math
High School
815-648-2442 Ext.1305
Tracy Gessert
Elementary Special Education
815-648-2442 Ext.1512
Scott Graczyk
Physical Education
815-648-2442 Ext.1524
Anthony Gurilani
Elementary Custodian
Doug Haug
High School
815-648-2442 Ext.1310
Tim Hayunga
Principal MS/HS
High School
815-648-2442 Ext.1224
Alicia Hernandez
MS Special Education
Middle School
815-648-2442 Ext.1410
Jean Hutchinson
HS Custodian
High School
Jodie Kanaly
HS Physical Education / Health / Drivers Education
High School
815-648-2442 Ext.1314
Leanette Kolnik
8th Grade ELA and Social Studies
Middle School
815-648-2442 Ext.1408
Brooke Laibly
HS Social Studies
High School
815-648-2442 Ext.1312
John Lalor
Athletic Director
High School
815-648-1662 Ext.1223
Hayli Larson
Social Worker
815-648-2442 Ext.1560
Scott LeBaron
IT Support
High School
815-648-2442 Ext.1333
Hunter Lockwood
HS Science
815-648-2442 Ext.1302